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Message  David Dupuis le Dim 9 Fév 2014 - 21:45


Voici un autre texte de préparation mentale, en anglais seulement hélas:

Preloading the Task

The term "Preload" refers to the thoughts that an athlete has in the anticipation phase of the task before the mental program begins. Since I began teaching Mental Management in 1995 I have found the Preload is the most under utilized part of the Mental Management System.

When I work with an athlete, I ask them what their strategy is for the task they are about to do. What's amazing is how general their strategy is. So many times the individual forgets to specify the strategy needed in order to get the best possible result. A perfect example of this is an experience I had with a competitive golfer.

John is a good golfer who can shoot under par at anytime. He hit a great tee shot that stopped next to the 150 stake. I watched him look at the ball and the stake and reach for his nine iron. He took no more than ten seconds to make a decision on that shot. The result of the shot was not a good one. He was not happy and couldn't believe that his performance wasn't what it should have been. I replied, "You got what you deserved."

The mistake he made was not going through the proper Preload. The Preload has two parts to it. The first part is to decide the strategy for the task at hand. In John's case, it's to make sure he looks at his lie, conditions and yardage before he makes a decision of what club or shot he should hit. He only looked at the lie and the stake. At no time did he consider the conditions and what affect that would have on his shot. Without doing this it is impossible to perform the second part of the Preload.

The second part of the Preload is commitment. Without having a strategy that the individual is sold on, how is it possible for them to commit to the task at hand? The commitment phase is the part of the Preload that sets up the mental program at the same time providing the confidence the individual needs to perform the task with ease. If this part is not given the proper attention, the performance of the task is going to be worse than it should be.

Each part of the Mental Management System promotes the next part. The Preload sets up the mental program, the mental program sets up the action and the action sets up the Reload. This is what having a mental system is all about. You can't expect to have a great performance if you leave out a step, nor can you expect to have a great performance if you don't properly perform those steps. It would be like driving a car with bad tires or no tires. The car would still go, but how well would it perform?

Think about the Preload as the starting point to your success for each and every task you do. If you perform the Preload with proper focus and give it the right amount of effort you improve the probability of having a great performance on every task.

Bonne lecture!

David Dupuis

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